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More about our services

Domain & Hosting security checks
Websites get attacked, most owners don’t know. We manage and block the attacks to keep you, your business and your customer’s information safe.

Monthly Site Backups
Regular copies of your site’s content and system settings to ensure things can be easily restored if there’s ever a problem.

Bug Fixes
As you’re adding to your site and the system itself is being updated in the background, these changes can sometimes lead to broken links. We test for these so they can be fixed before it becomes a frustration for you or your customers.

Website Updates
It’s critical website software is updated regularly to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility with the latest online technology.

Content change/ New images upload
Adding and updating the website wording and pictures on your behalf. Content to be supplied by you. We can also create interesting and engaging content using our in house content creation team.

Strong Security/ Hack proofing analysis
Your company’s information is valuable and you need to know that it stays safe. That’s why we offer strong security/ Hack proofing analysis so your data will always be protected from would-be hackers.

Monthly reports on your site’s web Stats
We provide you with monthly reports on your site’s web stats. These reports will show you information such as how many visitors there were, what countries they came from and when the server responded to each request for content.  This metric is important because it tells us if your sites are up.

Email & Remote support.
We specialize in just this, to help our clients relax in the knowledge that their website and in house IT systems are well looked after, and in the unlikely event of a problem, we’ll be there to put things right.  Using Zoom and other technologies we can provide live training and support. We can record training sessions and add them to your own personal video training library.